Space Birthday Party

Chocolate sugar cookie stars and planets

Space theme for 11th birthday

The Details

My 11-year-old has been choosing his birthday party themes for several years now, and this year he chose, “Space.” His other choice was CHOCOLATE, and in particular, his favourites: brownies and Boston cream pies…and of course, pizza.
Theme Colours: black, white and silver



Astronaut birthday cake with the birthday boy’s photo printed on it (from our local bakery)

Chocolate sugar cookies in space-themed cutouts
This wonderful chocolate cookie recipe is from Sweetapolita. I decorated them with royal icing. For the stars, I tinted the icing a light grey and later sprayed them to look silver with PME Sugarcraft’s edible lustre spray in silver. They look great even without the lustre though (you can see them before in the photo at the top). For the Earth planet cookies, I found this tutorial from The Decorated Cookie and tinted the icing blue, green and white, swirling them quickly with a toothpick to give the marbleized effect.

Boston cream moon pies
This recipe for Boston cream cupcakes is from The cream filling is amazing! I had some issues with the glaze recipe (it didn’t quite set), so I had to fiddle with it, adding more sugar so it was a bit thicker. Another thing, as the recipe states, you need to fill the cupcakes with the cream slowly and try not to overfill. Before the chocolate glaze set, I sprinkled the tops with Wilton’s edible glitter, silver stars.

Alien brownie pops
I used the Wilton brownie pop mould to make the brownies. Once cooled, I dipped them in melted candy coating melts and used a bit of coating on a toothpick to attach the candy eyes and sprinkles. I finished by drawing on faces with edible food marker.

Chocolate donut holes (a.k.a. black holes haha)

UFO mini-cakes
I covered Oreo Cakesters with grey tinted fondant and dotted on some icing for details. The small domes on top are covered gum drops. Some I sprayed with the silver edible lustre.

Pizza, chips, pop and juice



Meteor Rock Hunt – Just like an Easter egg hunt, only the party guests search for meteor rocks! Meteor rocks can be made by wrapping a piece of candy, fun-sized candy bars or small toys in aluminum foil. My son helped out by making these himself the night before…quick and easy!

Ring Saturn – Have your guests try to ring Saturn (we used a basketball we wrapped in coloured tissue paper to make it look more like a planet) by throwing a ring (hula hoop) at the planet. You can let your guests try from different distances to make it more challenging.


Extras & Decor

I designed the party invitations, the labels for the sweet buffet, and made black tissue pompoms for decorations (see my tutorial on how to make these here). For these pompoms I cut the edges in a “V” to make them look spiky. We made planet decorations by painting Styrofoam balls from Michael’s craft store and the dollar store. The kids loved making these! We made these beforehand but this would also be a great party activity as well. I got the spiral metal cupcake stand from Dollarama for $2!


Credits & Resources

Birthday cake by Metro bakery
Chocolate Sugar Cookie recipe by Sweetapolita
Boston Cream Pie Cupcake recipe by Chef V at
Earth Day cookie decorating by The Decorated Cookie
Birthday banner and inflatable astronaut from Celebrate Express

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