Racecar Birthday Party

Racecar Birthday Party

Race car theme for second birthday.

The Details

My son loves cars and so it was not hard to come up with a theme for his second birthday!
Theme Colours: red, black and white



Chocolate/Vanilla checkerboard birthday cake
I wanted a sturdier cake to hold up to the layers, so I used the WASC recipe (which I also use for fondant-covered cakes). It’s a dense, yet moist cake. I baked a vanilla batch (2 – 8 inch layers) and a chocolate, which gave me four layers but I only used three. Making a checkerboard cake is fairly easy. After the layers cooled, I chilled them in the fridge for a bit. With each layer I cut concentric circles (I used a 6-inch round pastry cutter and two round cookie cutters, 4-inch and 2-inch). This gave me four evenly spaced rings. Once I had all the cakes cut, I started assembling the cakes back together, alternating the chocolate and vanilla rings. So for the bottom layer of the cake I started with an 8-inch chocolate ring, placed a 6-inch vanilla ring inside it, then a 4-inch chocolate ring, and finally a 2-inch vanilla circle. The next cake layer I started with an 8-inch vanilla ring and repeated the process, alternating flavours. In total I made a three-layer cake and iced the cake with vanilla buttercream I tinted blue.

For the fondant race car topper, I came across this great tutorial from Cake Journal. Super easy!

Decorated sugar cookies (cars and traffic lights)
Using my favourite sugar cookie recipe from Sweetopia, I used a race car cookie cutter and a circle cutter for traffic lights. I make one small substitution in that I use half almond extract and half vanilla extract in place of using just vanilla (skip the baking powder to prevent the cookies from spreading while baking). I also freeze my cut-outs on baking sheets for 10-15 minutes before baking so they hold their shape better. Then I decorated the cookies in royal icing. My preference is to outline the cookie and then immediately flood it, let dry 24 hours, then add the remaining icing details, let dry another 24 hours.

Brownie Traffic Lights
I found this amazing brownie recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. It was sooo good! I cut the brownies into rectangles and decorated them by dotting “lights” with royal icing. You could use small candies as well, but for this age group, I avoided any small hard candies.

Cake pops (tires and checkered flags)
I formed vanilla cake balls into tires and rectangles. Then dipped the pops into black and white candy melts. Once the pops dried (doesn’t take long), I added details in royal icing.

Almond Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes
Looking for something different than chocolate and keeping with the red theme colour, I decided to make this recipe from yourcupofcake. These were a hit! I would definitely make them again.

I made chicken adobo, served with rice, salads and rolls.


Extras & Decor

I designed the labels for the sweet buffet and found some awesome racing decorations from CelebrateExpress: checkered flags, pennant banner, checkered favour boxes, car tire yoyos, pylon candles, racing helmets and checkered tablecloth.


Credits & Resources

WASC recipe from CakeCentral
Fondant Race car Cake Topper by CakeJournal
Sugar Cookie recipe by Sweetopia
Almond Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes by yourcupofcake
The Baked Brownie by Brown Eyed Baker
Party supplies from CelebrateExpress

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