Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Princess theme for third birthday

The Details

My daughter turned 3! I usually choose the party themes for the little ones and had one picked out. Then I decided to ask my daughter on a whim, and she said, “princess party!” So a princess party she will have!
Theme Colours: pink, white and silver as an accent.



Strawberry-Brownie birthday cake after doing a search on third birthdays, I happily came across this yummy recipe at Bakingdom. This cake turned out wonderful, was the perfect size little girl size. I was surprised that the brownie layers turned out so moist, and the strawberry buttercream is amazingly good! Decorated sugar cookies (crowns & gowns) My favourite sugar cookie recipe is from Sweetopia, and it’s perfect for cut-outs. I make one small substitution in that I use half almond extract and half vanilla extract in place of using just vanilla. I used a crown cookie cutter and a bridal gown cutter for princess dresses. Then I decorated the cookies in royal icing and added silver dragées and edible pearls for some pretty bling. My preference is to outline the cookie and then immediately flood it, let dry 24 hours, then add the remaining icing details, let dry another 24 hours. Pink candy popcorn I popped some unsalted, un-buttered popcorn and laid batches on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then I melted some candy coating melts (separate batches of pink and purple) and drizzled this over the popcorn. Let the popcorn dry and then bag up until ready to serve. Princess cake pops I formed chocolate cake balls into cones and shaped like dresses. Then dipped the pops into pink and purple candy melts. I love the way the bottoms puddled like a flowing dress. I used the Wilton princess picks to insert into the tops. vanilla cupcakes, candy bracelets, pink & silver chocolate coins, sour cherry whips Princess Punch For a pink coloured punch I mixed together pineapple juice and cranberry/cherry juice, topped up with ginger ale, with raspberries as garnish. Lunch I made our family recipe of sweet & sour meatballs, served with rice, salads and rolls.



Poison Apple – Just like an Easter egg hunt, guests need to find the poison apple, before the princess takes a bite! We made apples out of green construction paper which my older son helped out with. For an extra bonus, we made a red apple, for a lucky guest to find for an even bigger prize. Magic Wand – This game can be done with a “glass” slipper, but we improvised with a magic wand. Position the kids into a circle. Pass the wand (got ours at the dollar store) around the circle while music is playing. Ring a bell to signal the stroke of midnight. The player holding the wand when the bell rings, is out. Continue until the last player is out.


Extras & Decor

I designed the labels for the sweet buffet and added some adhesive jewels, and made pink and white tissue pompoms for decorations. I got the castle cupcake stand, helium balloons, banner, princess jewellery and wands from the dollar store! The pretty pink and white striped popcorn boxes I found at Party City.


Credits & Resources

Triple Layer Brownie Cake with Strawberry Buttercream recipe by Bakingdom
Sugar Cookie recipe by Sweetopia

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