Easter Peeps & Treats

Easter Bark

I made lots of Easter goodies this year…too many, really! The kids had a blast colouring eggs and making cascarones (or more so, breaking the cascarones!) I would say the biggest hit was the Easter Egg Hunt Cookies, so definitely give them a try.

The Details


Easter Bark
I made two colours of Easter bark in pink and blue. Using a parchment lined cookie sheet, I poured melted chocolate and then melted candy melts onto the sheet and swirled together with a knife. I sprinkled candies on top of the warm chocolate mixture: Easter candy corn, spring themed candies, star sprinkles in pastel colours, pink sixlets and chocolate robin’s eggs. Once set, break the bark in into pieces.

Bunny Bait
I popped some unsalted, un-buttered popcorn and laid batches on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then I melted some candy coating melts and drizzled this over the popcorn, adding Easter M&Ms and candy sprinkles and confetti. Let the popcorn dry and then bag up until ready to serve.

Easter Egg Hunt Cookies
These cookies, that kind of look like cupcakes, were a big hit with my family. They have a cookie cup base (with a mini Cadbury Easter Cream Egg inside), with a dollop of frosting in the center (I used an icing tip to make mine look like grass), and chocolate robin’s eggs to lay on the top. Recipe from Making Memories With Your Kids.

Sprinkled Chocolate Party Spoons
Another wonderful recipe from Sweetapolita. I had some yellow and pink plastic spoons from a previous party and thought these would be great to make for Easter. Simple and pretty! Melt chocolate, pour into spoon, add pretty candies and sprinkles, let set.

White Chocolate Brownies
These brownies or “blondies” as they are sometimes named, are amazingly moist! The hint of lemon is a lovely addition. Recipe from Feisty Cook.

Candy Dipped Peeps
Quick and easy, upgrade the usual chick Peeps by dipping them in melted chocolate or candy melts, then quickly dip in a bowl of sprinkles or non-pareils. Rest your Peeps on a parchment lined cookie sheet until set.


Dying Eggs & Making Cascarones
Read my post on How to Make Cascarones here.

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Credits & Resources

White Chocolate Brownies recipe by Feisty Cook
Easter Egg Hunt Cookies recipe by Making Memories With Your Kids
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