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Easter has come and gone…and so concludes the winter of financial ruin! This is what I call this time of year, starting in October and lasting until Easter…it’s back-to-back birthdays (I love you winter babies!) and holidays. We just celebrated Christian’s 11th birthday the weekend before, so Easter was scaled back on the sweets. We did our traditional egg hunt, and everyone received baskets from the Easter Bunny!

The Details


Pink Bunny Pops
I used a white vanilla cake recipe and added pink food colouring. There are many cake pop tutorials online, Bakerella is a great place to start. Basically after you have baked your cake, let it cool, crumble with your hands. Add just enough icing (prepared or use your own) so that you can form a ball and it holds its shape, making sure it’s not still crumbly but not overly moist.

I rolled the mixture into egg shapes and then sculpted them into the bunny shape I wanted. The pops were coated in white candy melts; and I gave them two coats since white doesn’t cover brighter cake colours as well. Although the light pink colour showing through the one coat was quite cute also. Once set, I decorated their faces with Americolour edible food markers and brushed on some Wilton’s Pearl Dust (Orchid Pink) for cheeks on some, added some spring themed sprinkles onto the ears, and added pink candy dots for noses.

Cadbury Egg Easter Cupcakes
This is a very sinful recipe I found at Pizzazzerie! Everyone loved them. Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs are a popular favourite in Canada so combining them in a cupcake is a double treat. Not sure if our eggs are slightly larger but I wasn’t able to fit the eggs in the cupcake batter standing up, needing to lay them sideways, and I was still unsure if the recipe would turn out, but it did! Make sure you follow the note to freeze the eggs well ahead of making them. I also made some with the mini eggs, which turned out well. Also, I really like the almond extract added into the frosting, along with the vanilla. I sprayed some Wilton ColorMist edible colour spray onto the cupcakes and added some cute icing chicks and adorable tiny Russell Stover chocolate bunnies I found at the dollar store (they came in a bag of 60 tiny bunnies)!

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Cadbury Egg Easter Cupcakes recipe from Pizzazzerie

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