Christmas 2012

Christmas Goodies

With two babies this year, I really scaled back the holiday baking. Below are some of the goodies I managed to find time to make.

The Details


Polverones de canela
I love this Mexican recipe, I’ve been making them for many years and everyone loves them.
Polvorones comes from the Spanish word, polvo which means dust (as the cookies are dusted in powdered sugar) and canela is the Spanish word for cinnamon. Also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies, they are served at weddings stacked high in a pyramid, as well as at Christmas and quinceaneras. Butter, sugar, cinnamon, it tastes like French Toast in cookie form…a small buttery crisp cookie and the sugar makes them melt in your mouth. They go great with coffee or tea! I usually double the recipe and add more cinnamon. I forget where I originally found the recipe but I posted one from a site in the credits section at the bottom.

Ginger Snaps
A holiday staple in my home, this recipe is from my beloved, Betty Crocker Cookbook, which I have had since I was a kid! These are usually the first cookies to disappear at Christmas. There is a re-printed online version of the recipe available in the credits section at the bottom.

Christmas Candy Cookies
I make these EVERY year, they are my son’s favourite. I would never be able to get away with not making them. I use red and green Holiday Smarties (for us Canadians), in the U.S., M&Ms would be similar.

Cherry Chocolate Shortbread Cookies
A new recipe I tried this year, it is amazing! I used white chocolate chips and they look so pretty with the red cherries. From Closet Cooking

Vanilla Cupcakes
I made a simple cupcake for Christmas this year (at the last minute), using Magnolia Bakery‘s recipes for vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream. I’ve used this recipe many times, it’s a favourite. I tinted the batter red and added some Christmas non-pareils to decorate.

Banana Bread
Yes, banana bread. Not a holiday treat you think of, but my kids love it so much. I make it throughout the year, but I can’t imagine not making it for them during the holidays. Another recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. I tried to find a recipe online that matches the book, this one from is exactly the same, except it should read 1 1/2 cups mashed bananas.

Christmas Cakesters
I saw these pretty dipped regular Oreos on a sweets buffet table photo at Glorious Treats, and decided to make a version using Oreo Cakesters covered in fondant, with piped icing and silver dragées.

Holiday Rice Krispies Treats
This was actually the first time I ever made these for Christmas and used the Holiday Rice Krispies cereal (red and green). I added some festive non-pareils to the mix for some colour.

Holiday Fudge
The best and easiest fudge recipe I’ve ever tried! Smooth and creamy and they look adorable. I’ve made them in both white and dark chocolate, and the recipe is versatile so you can change up the flavours. Recipe from

Shortbread Bites
Another new recipe tried out this year. These were OK in taste, and look very pretty, however, I needed to adjust the recipe in that you really need to add more butter to make the dough press together. I would add more sugar as well. Found on Delish from Good Housekeeping


Heritage Museum Lamplight Tour
Our family went on the annual holiday lamplight tour, visiting the local heritage homes decorated with traditional Victorian trimmings.

Community Centre Christmas Party
Every year our local community centre holds a family Christmas party, with food, games, face-painting, crafts for kids and a visit with Santa Claus.

Cookie Decorating & Hot Chocolate
Usually we make a gingerbread house, but this year we decorated cookies and I made my famous (well, famous to my kids) hot chocolate!

Christmas Tree Decorating
In a home where the majority is boys, I’ve carved out a little for myself with my very girlie Christmas tree! Ever since college, I’ve had the same tree trimmed in silver, pink and white, but I add on a little each year. Now I love it more, since I finally have a daughter 🙂 It doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is up!

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